Benefits of a shampoo and soap dispenser in your shower

There are several benefits in using a Shampoo/Soap Dispenser for your shower. Some of these benefits are obvious, yet some are not so obvious.

First, let's quickly dive into the more obvious perks of a Shower Dispenser:

  • Create more space by eliminating unnecessary bottles
    • Bottles can add and take up valuable space in what's already a minimal space to begin with.
    • Many showers contain multiple bottles, sometimes 2 shampoos, plus a conditioner, and sometimes even 1 to 2 liquid soaps. If you're one of these, you can consider using 2 chambers for your shampoo. Or maybe a chamber for body wash, and another for face wash.
    • Depending on how you use a shower caddy, installing a Shower Dispenser may open up that space taken up by a caddy. 
  • Adding convenience to the bathing process
    • With the installation of a triple-chamber Shower Dispenser, you no longer have to reach down for each bottle. It may not sound like much when reading this, but over time, these saved minutes will add up. 5-minute showers become 30 seconds less each time. 10-minute showers become 1 minute less each time. Now add up all that time savings!

Now let’s consider the more underrated features a Shower Dispenser offers:

  • Creates a sanitary space
    • Bottles of all kinds located in a small, high moisture settings will inevitably collect mildew. There's no stopping it. Showers used daily will always provide mildew with the excess moisture it craves. We all have experienced or seen mildew growth on either bottle caps or at the bottom of each bottle. Once you fill each chamber with a liquid, bottles are stored outside of the shower space, thus ridding your shower of excess mildew growth.
  • Bottles spills are all too frequent
    • How many times have we spilled our bottles? Bottles tend to tip over easily, or we may even trip over them. This often leads to spillage and wastage of any of the shampoos, conditioners, or body wash
  • Saves Money by now being able to buy your liquids in bulk
    • Since Shower Dispensers are so easy to refill, this lets users buy their favorite liquids in bulk. This immediately saves money on the bathing process.

Last thing to point out is how truly easy it is to install. No tools are required. Included is double-sided tape and a glue adhesive. That's all you need for the entire installation process.