4 Types of Products Every Airbnb Rental Needs

Airbnb skyrocketed into popularity when it was initially released back in 2008. Since then, the company has gone on to garner millions of listings across over 190 countries. Because of the massive influx of diverse users, it's important that hosts put the necessary tools in place to provide safety and security to their guests. Here are the 4 must-have safety items an Airbnb home buyer should consider for their Airbnb listing.

1) Smart Lock And Keyless Entry Systems

When it comes to hosting an Airbnb, key handovers can prove to be stressful for several reasons. Besides the fact that it requires pre-planning, in-person contact and takes up an abundance of your time, in some cases your guests could lose their keys and end up getting locked out. When it comes to managing check-ins, there's no easier way than to use a smart lock and keyless entry solution. Most smart keyless entry devices can be controlled by any mobile device.

All a user has to do is simply send a text command, or use an app to unlock or lock a given door. Some devices feature proximity-based keyless entry systems which consist of using Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone and the locking mechanism of the doorknob.

2) Security Cameras

While some Airbnb guests may not like the idea of seeing security cameras on the premises. In the same breath, most guests will understand that security cameras help to increase the overall level of safety for the property. By placing cameras on the exterior sections of the property it can help to ease your mind, knowing that you can check on your property before, during and when a guest leaves. The key thing to remember with a security camera is that you should never place them in areas like the bedroom and bathroom. Guests also need to be aware that the property features security cameras as well.

3) Safety Detectors

No property can be regarded as being safe if it doesn't have a smoke and carbon monoxide detector. Not only do you need these devices to keep your home safe, but Airbnb guests will also feel much more at peace when they realize that safety detectors have been installed on the property.

As a matter of fact, Airbnb themselves have stated that each host should install devices like this, and even offer one system free of charge. Additionally, personal injury laws stipulate that if an individual gets injured as a result of someone's action/inaction, said the victim could sue the perpetrator. Having a safety detector like a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm helps to protect your guests, as well as to protect you from personal liability issues related to fires and carbon monoxide leaks.

4) Bathroom and Shower Dispenser

It's common for Airbnb renters to forget to pack essential items such as soap and toothpaste when they’re in the midst of preparing for a trip. As such, some of them may use the shower without actually using soap. This is a hygiene risk that makes the property unsanitary. One Of the ways you can encourage guests to take showers is to use a soap and shower dispenser.

Shower dispensers can help to lower your utility expenses by limiting the amount of water that gets wasted. It also eliminates the need to provide soap packages that could get stolen once the guest leaves. Additionally, by providing a soap and shower dispenser it will prove to be a lifesaver for guests who forgot their personal hygiene kit and it will encourage other guests to ensure that they remain sanitary while on the premises.