7 Deposit-Friendly Upgrades for Renters

Renting is on the rise, and many renters are looking to make their space their own without doing the damage that many renovations require. Thankfully, rental upgrades have become so popular that an abundance of products and ideas are available to help in the redecoration process. From removable wallpaper to a shower dispenser, here are seven upgrades renters can make while protecting their deposits.

1) Add Shower Dispenser

Open up space in your bathroom with a sleek and modern shower dispenser from Drizzle that can store your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. It’s easy to install, reduces clutter, and makes the bathing experience much more convenient.

2) Spice Up the Walls

Some apartments don’t even allow you to change the paint, or if you do, you’ll have to paint it back before you move out. A great alternative is a removable wallpaper, which you can stick on and peel off without damaging the underlying paint. There are various styles available, from plain colors to eye-catching patterns. This leopard print is perfect for spicing up a guest bathroom.

3) Improve Your Entertaining Spaces

Improving your outdoor space is just as important as improving your indoor space. An excellent option for renters is setting up a DIY fire pit. A common way to do this is to gather stones to create a ring — and it may not cost anything at all. If you do go this route, make sure the stones you use aren’t wet, and if they are, give them several days to dry before testing a fire.
If you love movie nights, improve your entertainment space by adding a soundbar in lieu of a hardwired sound system. Soundbars today emit incredible volume and are more convenient than large speakers. They are affordable while offering superior quality.

4) Hang Your Curtains

Traditional curtain rod brackets leave holes in the wall that have to be filled and painted when you leave. Tension rods are a great option for smaller windows with cafe curtains, like in a kitchen. An even more innovative idea is these brackets that nail into the top of the window frame, where no one can see them. They will allow you to hang traditional curtains just as you usually would, and it only takes a fraction of the time to install.

5) Tile Your Kitchen

A fantastic new decorating option is peel-and-stick tile, which allows you to transform the way your kitchen looks without harming the current tile. Subway tile backsplashes can add a modern touch to outdated rental kitchens without significant hassle. There is even peel-and-stick brick for other parts of the home that you may want to enhance.

6) Change Cabinet Hardware

Another great idea for both the kitchen and the bathroom is changing the hardware on the cabinets. Switching to hardware that fits your decor style can pull the house together and make the kitchen look more refreshed without replacing the cabinets. Typically, cabinets have standard sizes for drawer knobs, so all you have to do is measure yours and buy some that match.

7) Hang Art

Art makes a space cozier, and there are plenty of ways to hang some without a hammer and nails. You can use removable Velcro strips on the back of heavier frames. Or, forgo frames altogether and go for a collage wall with washi tape. Washi tape typically doesn’t do any damage to paint.
Upgrading a rental and embracing your style is easier than ever, as more people are looking to do the same. You can start small with washi tape and printed art or go for a complete kitchen makeover with new hardware and peel-and-stick tile. And, you can do all of it with the confidence that you will get your full deposit back when you’re ready to move.