How to make your bathroom feel like a hotel bathroom

You ever notice how predictable customers act when first entering a hotel guest room? At once, guests head right to the hotel bathroom to inspect the features and conditions. This is because most of us sense a feeling of luxury when we experience a bathroom more upgraded than our own. The elegance of a bathroom's finishes or its amenities play a huge role in a today's hotel ratings.

Home-owners are always looking for ways to upgrade their bathrooms without breaking the bank. And a great way to do this is to adopt some of the design concepts we see in hotel bathrooms. This doesn't mean home-owners have to consider state-of-the-art technologies seen at 4 or 5 star hotels. This simply means to improve the bathroom decor with the use of effective materials. There are also a few objects or items to consider when modernizing a bathroom.

Let's first start with the more expensive and obvious design concepts that we see in hotels. The flooring of a bathroom has a huge impact on the overall feel. Nowadays, pricing has decreased on tile or stone options. These flooring materials can even have an impact if only installed in the shower alone. Mosaic tiles for the shower walls create an immediate impact.

Lighting is another approach to consider as an upgrade to even a master bathroom. Hotels use full-length mirrors that actually light up around the edges. This is a great technique to add a feeling of luxury. Even better if you can find LED lit mirror options.

We are seeing a lot more hotel bathrooms using barn doors as a nice touch. This could be a very inexpensive way for home-owners add a contemporary feel to their bathrooms.

Moving away from materials, let's now list some ideas, or perhaps a few items we can add for improvement in the decor. Here's a list of a few and why:

  • Towels: matching towel made of good quality always look attractive. You can never go wrong with white.
  • Soap / Shower Dispenser: eliminates shower clutter and creates a feeling of organization
  • Rods for hanging: hang bath towels, hand towels, robes, etc. Nothing should touch the floor or rest over the top of doors.

If you come across a hotel bathroom that jumps out at you, be sure and take a few photos, or write some things down. Hotels often hire talented interior designers, so there's no guilt in borrowing some of their ideas for our own personal use.